[21:35:31] Fagot_SM: Народ як через сайт зробити дісконект?
[21:35:02] Fagot_SM: Hi
[23:57:25] Sunok: psych0BK interesting i will see what is the orb
[23:56:52] Sunok: Vladdy Daddy fixed
[21:04:58] psych0BK: range 3 mana 8 and some chinese letters
[21:04:23] psych0BK: Hi i ve found orb that contains spit fire skill on my BK. i cant use it even with spear..
[03:24:51] VladdyDady: Hi Sinok! i make my new account MG name is TURBO can you lets me vote i did with my SM 200 RR im ready for GR so...I want to start voting from my MG TURBRO.....THANKS
[17:38:45] Akito: There si a bug in the life of BK... O use the Inner skill anda give me 65k of life, but one Yeti in Davias kill me WTF... I can''t play/figth ... For example if i go yo SKY evento, anda i use Inner i die instantly i can''t play the game this way :(
[17:31:21] Sunok: hi akito no we cant that function is unavaible in 97
[03:55:01] Akito: Google translate: Chy mozhete vy vvimknuty mozhlyvistʹ pidnimaty predmety ta dzen za dopomohoyu probilu na klaviaturi
[03:33:22] Akito: Hi skos
[23:25:37] Akito: Hi! Can u config the space bar key yo pich up things? Or zen?
[20:22:22] Sunok: semikis fixed
[09:31:39] Semikis: Hi i have 7 rr but i can`t vote. sameone can help?
[14:34:34] shinichi70: hi
[00:06:11] _SM_NooB_: Hello I have 25 resets but I can''t vote, I see 0 resets on the site, can you help?
[18:57:47] Sunok: HurryMS fixed
[21:58:48] HurryMS: i cant vote , i have 14 rr , the page tell me i have 0
[13:06:46] Sunok: pcyho becouse some players create 100+ acounts and vote thats why
[17:04:32] psych0BK: why u can vote with at least 5 res? its destroying whole market system
[00:53:59] redrum: привет, кто может качнуть? только зашел в игру
[15:06:02] CHUYENVE: hi
[20:36:35] Sunok: PoiznBK find our group at telegam i will help
[10:19:43] PoiznBK: i cannot connect to the game ? got kicked since it dosent work anymore
[21:57:47] Sunok: исправил теперь 5 секунд респавн
[08:52:07] DarkWiz:
[18:52:44] CagucT: 3000 набить нереально ))
[18:52:26] CagucT: сколько время респа у Metal Balrog (icarus) -
[15:05:37] Seejey: 4to s zenom ?? gde brat'' 700 lyamov esli spoti pystie&& libo pomenyaite sistemy resov i postav''te men''we stoimost'' reseta ili yveli4te drop zena. Poly4aetsya ya ot 1 do 350 proka4ivaiys'' za 3 4asa< i ptotom 4tobi sdelat'' res nado typo sobirat'' kamni i zen? na eto yhodit ewe 3 chasa minimym Eto pizdec dryz''ya
[10:27:55] Sunok: all must works i just restarted server and got fix some bugs
[20:49:33] Edan: What hapened whit the server?
[14:21:50] Sunok: /move originalboss
[22:04:56] Paralax: Where fin originalboss gor quest...help me pls
[13:29:19] anarchy: help please:(
[13:29:09] anarchy: my money went to minus how can i fix it
[12:38:24] Sunok: I will help
[12:38:09] Sunok: I dont know all works if it will be again send message to me
[22:56:58] Paralax: Why dont log in on server?
[22:56:28] Paralax: What hapened?
[13:05:54] anarchy: afk bıraktığımda neden disconnet oluyor?
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